Tips for the perfect wet room

Wet rooms have become increasingly popular in the time I’ve been tiling. They’re easy to keep clean, can create an illusion of space in smaller room and with the right tile they can look incredible. Further to this they also add value to homes - and are far more durable than conventional bathrooms, so it’s not a surprise more people are wanting wet rooms in their homes.

A few things to think about when creating a wet room tile wise; non slip tiles. You need these for the floor. These will mainly be porcelain or natural stone. Your local tile specialist can assist you in finding others and this information can usually be found on larger tile company websites. A safe choice are mosaic tiles which are mostly nonslip (the grouting also adds an extra “layer” of non slip) and look great on the sloping floor. However completing a whole wet room in mosaic would be very costly, most people complete the floor in mosaic tiles, or this and a feature wall but not often an entire wet room. That’s not to say it can’t be done!

For everything other than floors, natural stone tile is a great choice and can be found in traditional and modern styles. There are defiantly less choice and fewer ranges with natural stone but it’s organic and 100% natural so will certainly look the part and is exceptionally robust. Granite is the best waterproof tile from natural stone but I’d avoid slate, marble and limestone as these can need resealing regularly.

Another point on natural stone, it can be quite pricy to buy and install BUT it really is a high quality tile that will ensure your wet room looks superior. I’ve never not completed a wet room in natural stone that appeared ‘average’ there’s something about the look of the natural stone that makes a room feel classy no matter what’s in it. 

Porcelain will be less costly, there are 100s of designs and colours there really is something for everyone. The majority of porcelain tiles are fully water resistant and some ranges mimic a natural stone finish so the best of both worlds! It’s always best to double check your choice of tiles are suitable for a wet room before ordering.

Texture - Adding tiles that are textured can add depth and warmth to a wet room, this can be invaluable in a larger bathroom. Large tiles will give a sleeker, clean feel and are far easier to keep clean, I’d always recommend looking at larger tiles in a wet room. 

Choosing tiles that compliment the wet room - Tiles are eye catching and the focal point of a wet room when entering, so make sure they fit in with the theme or look of the room. Wet rooms with minimalist furniture or a wet room with mod cons may look better with a sleek modern tile with depth or a bold design, where a wet room with Victorian style sanitary wear and similar accessories may work better with a classic porcelain design. However this advice is down to personal preference, but something to keep in mind. 

Grout - this  can play an important part in completing a “look” when tiling so research colours or talk to your tiler for assistance or decipher what tone and colour would work better with what tiles. 

Drain grates. Although you may think this has little to do with tiling, it’s important to look into grates that will compliment your tile. Smaller square grates work better with mosaic flooring. They also come in different materials which should also be taken into account. 

Finally the cost of tiles can be more in a wet room than any other room, this is because they are needed from floor to ceiling. Have a budget to keep in mind for the wet room, this can quickly add up when ordering parts such as tanking, screens etc before people have even thought about tiles. Although they can be expensive,It’ll be worth the cost in the long run.

This blog isn’t meant to scare you or make you anxious about the fact there’s so much to think about! It’s here as a guide to assist you think and consider points that aren’t always explained, or that you haven’t thought of - so when it comes to designing and planning your wet room, you end up with tiles that compliment the entirety of the room and all the small details. As always if you need advice or ideas please look at my Instagram and Facebook. I’m happy to reply to comments on both social media platforms.

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